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Techie Wonderland

IPhones ring Are you listening In the room, iPads glisten A beautiful sight, we're happy Tonight Walking in a techie wonderland Gone away is the Walkman Here to stay is the "we don't know, man" We google along, downloading a song Walking in a techie wonderland In the App Store  we can buy minecraft And pretend to kill aggressive mobs We'll build kingdoms Built of stone and brick man And you can kill the zombies when they're in Town Later on we'll watch Ted talks As we play on the xbox To face unafraid Smart TV just made Walking in a techie wonderland Walking in a techie wonderland   Happy Holidays from Wendy Haskell - President of MassCUE   … [Read More...]

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NEISTE Webinar Series

  "School Fuel" Matt Mervis Thursday, December 19th at 7 PM School Fuel is a Mobile Learning Platform that allows teachers and school leaders to connect with students in class and on the go. School Fuel provides customized app and resource libraries aligned to Common Core Standards helping schools deliver the right apps to the right students at the right time – on any device. "Designing Motivating and Rigorous Assignments" Alan November Tuesday, January 21st at 7 PM Some of the most creative work for teachers is rethinking the assignments we give our students. New tools give us an opportunity to design more rigorous and motivating assignments.   Design elements include: … [Read More...]


20 Education Technology Tools Everybody Should Know About

Although educators tend to feel like they are left all on their own to deal with students that are getting crazier by the day, there are plenty of technology resources that can make their teaching job more effective. Educators should definitely start using some of the online solutions that are meant to promote modern education and take the classroom organization to the next level. In this article, we will cover 20 education technology tools that educators should start using as soon as possible. Writinghouse Writinghouse is a citation generator that allows its users to easily create bibliographies and citations in the format required for their document. Being able to instantly use the … [Read More...]

IFTTT: A Recipe For Organization

If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a service that allows you to make connections between different sites, apps, and other technology. It allows you to create recipes that when “triggered,” an action takes place. For example, I could create a recipe in which if I take a new photo with Instagram, it automatically is saved to my Dropbox. I don’t have to worry about bring up files, dragging them between folders. It’s instantaneous! Using IFTTT can help you to stay up to date and organized. It also provides opportunities to stay connected with students. For example, if you have students blogging, you could create a recipe in which you subscribe to their feed and every time they create a new post, … [Read More...]




As a former Spanish language teacher, my experience of integrating technology into my Spanish teaching has not yet included mobile technologies. Six years ago, I left a computer language lab with rows of computers in cubicles. While I enjoyed having computers to open the world of cultures and digital discourse to my students, I had not looked back until now. The past few years I’ve been teaching students how to use computers for learning. I thought it was about time that I see how new technologies were now being used in foreign language classrooms. I had the privilege of attending a workshop put on by the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association (MaFLA) where Renée Dacey and Daniela De … [Read More...]

Building Learning Communities

This morning's #satchat initially focused on the faculty meeting, but quickly turned into a powerful discussion about learning communities. I want to capture the essential points I gained so that I can reflect on these issues more in days to come. First, do we consider schools learning communities?   In a learning community, all are considered learners who learn together by regularly sharing knowledge, gifts, skills, questions, ideas, and needs to move the collective community forward. Next, in your learning community, are ideas, information, and process shared in a fluid, positive, open-minded manner?  Secrets are few. Mission, vision, and goals are created with the systematic, … [Read More...]

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Genius Hour Reviewed

For several weeks the topic of conversation in our classroom surrounded our trial of Genius Hour.  Students were excited about being given the time and opportunity to pursue topics of interest to them.  They LOVED the term - Student Driven Learning! Most students had an idea right away - while others needed time to think and plan.  Some students decided to work together while others chose to work independently.  Some students would use the computer, while others would use different tools. Our 'hour' began at 1:45 p.m. Students excitedly collected their supplies and went straight to work. The level of engagement was something at which to marvel.  For over an hour students were … [Read More...]